Park Lane Hobbies in Douglassville, PA needed a new website to promote their remote control hobby shop and help them sell products online. Needing more than a web designer, they searched for someone they could continue to consult with on all things digital.

They partnered with TheeDigital to help them build a Shopify website that would appeal to a young audience, make inventory and product management simple and easy, and be user-friendly on any device.

The Challenge

  • Needed robust and convenient search functionality to help customers quickly find product(s)
  • Needed the ability to display videos on pages throughout the site, including product pages
  • Needed mobile-friendly design to appeal to a younger demographic and capitalize on mobile shoppers
  • Needed proper Ecommerce SEO optimization for their site to rank well in search engines

The Solution

  • A Shopify ecommerce website and POS system to connect sales to their inventory management system and scale with their business growth
  • Mobile-friendly design to attract and engage their younger target audience

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